25m² 3 Person 1 Bedroom

Room Equipment

Air Conditioning: There is an air conditioner suitable for 1 square meter in our house.

Bathroom/Wc: (hairdryer, kettle)

Bed: French Bed (2 person)

Kitchen: (fridge, electric cooker, microwave, kettle, electric coffee pot, kitchen utensils)

Sitting area: (Led TV)

Outside: each house has its own veranda in front of it.

*The safe box is big enough to fit a laptop.


Apaliunas is the gate god of Hattusha in Hittite texts. The young god depicted on the east gate
with a helmet on his head and an axe in his right hand must be Apaliunas. in Troy with the same feature.
It also appears Apollo, whose name is not Greek, is called Lykegenes in Homer’s Iliad epic;
‘Lyciannoble’. The name of his mother Leto,
comes from the Lycian Lada (= female) and the name of his sister Artemis from the Luwian Artami. famous for the centers of wisdom surrounding the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.
It is accepted that Patara is the birthplace of Apollo, the most important and most influential god in the history of civilization.
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