21m² 4 Person 1Bedroom

Room Equipment

Bathroom/Wc: (hairdryer, kettle)

Bed: French bed (1 loft bunk with glass ceiling + French bed)

Kitchen: (fridge, electric cooker, microwave, kettle, electric coffee pot, kitchen utensils)

Sitting area: (Led TV)

Outside: each house has its own veranda in front of the house.

*The safe box is big enough to fit a laptop.


PEDRITA, Lycian for Hellenic Aphrodite. She was transformed by the Neo-Hittite Ishtar Shavoshka into the Anatolian
mother goddess and from there into the Anatolian Aphrodite.
Even in the Roman temple named after her in Aphrodisias, she is depicted as an Anatolian mother goddess, dressed like Artemis of Ephessos. And with this image she differs from the Hellenic goddess of “love and beauty”. She is the mountain mother of Mount Kastnion in Aspendos and Mount Patoz in Patara.